Compass Mobile

Find the right person

Powered by machine learning algorithms Compass Mobile advices you for the best business opportunities


Advanced IT tools for an effective and productive management of innovation events and innovation training

Being in darkness and confusion is interesting to me. But behind it you can rise out of that and see things the way the really are

David Linch


An Integrated solution for innovation event management and innovation training, from the start to the end

A Mobile solution for improving social activity and collaboration between participants

Compass Mobile

The Mobile Application for events is focused on social opportunities during an event.

Use this application before and during an event, it will suggest you new people that's worth meeting.

  • Meet the Colleague
  • Meet the Speaker
  • Birds of a Feather


A solution based on the leading CMS drupal, supports competition management for your events.

Use this application to engage your audience and your sponsors

  • Online Community voting
  • Panel voting
  • Onsite voting


Marmoset is a CMS specific to scientific events.

Use it to allow commettees member to setup and manage conference websites easily.

  • Easy to use
  • Predefined content structure
  • Themeable


Comfortable Conference Submission & Review Management System

Web application that manages all the phases of Peer Review of papers submitted to scientific events.

  • Initial Submisssion support
  • Peer review
  • Camera Ready support


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